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Ex Stress B Complex and Magnesium Peak Performance

Ex-Stress is an all-natural, herb-free formula to help your horse handle the stress of travel and competition. Ex-Stress is completely sugar-free,you will find only concentrated levels of B vitamins and magnesium in this calming product. Ex-Stress succeeds where other products have failed.


4 available

BCAA Complex 1.5# Peak Performance Nutrients equine supplement

NEW SIZE 1.5# Peak Performance Nutrients BCAA Complex provides over 10,000 mg of amino acids along with supporting nutrients for the ultimate muscle building supplement. BCAA Complex contains Branched Chain Am...


1 available

Calcium Complex by Peak Performance Nutrients

Calcium Complex is designed for horses on high grain diets or for use in situations where a high level of calcium may be required, such as heavy training or lactating mares. Calcium Complex contains both Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Citrate for superior absorption along with supplemental Vitamins A&D.
2# container
10 gram scoop enclosed


3 available

PRO CMC 64oz Absorbine

Neutralizes acid and maintains stomach health

Pro CMC gastric relief and horse ulcer supplement proactively supports normal gastric and intestinal function to help guard against equine gastric distress. Also helps maintain a healthy stomach.


2 available

Probios Microbial Products Dispersible Powder 240 gram

Probios is the world's most widely recognized, researched and used brand of direct-fed microbials. Provides a source of live, naturally occurring micro-organisms to maintain a healthy digestive tract.
Available in 5# or 240 gram size.

When ordering multiple lightweight items contact me for possible shipping cost adjustment! If I can fit them in the same box I can discount through Paypal.


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