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Perform 'N Win Electroltye for Horses Buckeye Nutrition

Perform 'N Win Electrolyte for Horses Buckeye Nutrition
University tested, optimal levels of electrolyte, easy to use quick absorption powder.
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Perform 'N Win™ Electrolyte for Horses Buckeye Nutrition
The only university tested performance electrolyte on the market today
Years of substantial scientific study with results for improved electrolyte response to help assure the validity of product claim.
Provides optimal levels of electrolyte for maximum performance
Levels used were based from the scientific study for a complete balance for the horse
Easy to use and easy to dissolve Clear-cut instructions for effortless use and hassle-free as it quickly mixes into solution
Quick absorption formula 1 ounce per liter or 4.5 ounces per gallon provides the horse with the correct ozmolarity for rapid absorption in the small intestine
Delays time-to-fatigue by nearly 25% Allows for longer, stronger and healthier performance from your horse
Uniquely designed powder, rather than a paste. The powder allows for a more rapid absorption rate, as pastes tend to absorb slower due to fluid imbalances and dehydration.
Can be used in horse's drinking water daily. Diluted solution adequately replenishes small amounts of electrolytes lost in normal workouts.
Will mask strange tastes in water when traveling to new locations. No more transporting jugs and gallons of water to events or shows.
Effectively aides in recovery for horses exposed to stress from prolonged transportation. Decreases time to replenish horses from what typically takes 2 -7 days for full recover

INGREDIENTS: Salt, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Dextrose, Sucrose, Calcium Citrate, Fumaric Acid, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Silicon Dioxide, Natural and Artificial Flavor.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Sodium 1120 mg 4.06% Potassium 910 mg 3.27% Chloride 2600 mg 9.25%

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: The Perform 'n Win ™ solution is 4.5 ounces per gallon of water. Provide as the only water source as you cool the horse down after work. The horse should receive one ounce of Perform 'n Win™ or 1 quart of Perform 'n Win™ solution for each 20 minutes of sweating work. For proper use of Perform 'n Win™ see Technical Bulletin: Administering Electrolytes. It includes use for endurance, racing, reining, cutting, draft horses, eventing and while transporting horses.

CAUTION: * Do not feed to sick horses unless advised by your veterinarian * If the Perform 'n Win™ powder is fed, water must be consumed at a minimum rate of 1 quart per ounce of Perform 'n Win™consumed.
Available in 4# and 20# Buckets

Perform 'N Win Buckeye Nutrition Equine Electrolytes

Perform 'N Win
Perform 'N Win Buckeye Nutrition Equine Electrolytes

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