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Easyboot Flip Flop

Easy to apply and it stays on well.
The back of the foot is protected but still functions as a bare hoof, allowing the hoof to function better than in full shell products.
Debris goes in and comes out easily. For those with concerns, it's easy to add a pour in packing in the toe area.
May be used in conjunction with the EasyCare Therapy Click System.

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This new glue-on boot is a flip-flop design with a conventional upper that extends to the widest point of the hoof. This part of the hoof has the least amount of movement in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Because of this lack of movement, the bonds between the shoe and the hoof hold much tighter and are less likely to fail than at the heel.
The result is a hoof protection device that is more durable than composite shoes bonded along the entire sides of the hoof wall. The absence of an upper in the rear half of the shoe ensures that the heel and the entire back portion of the shoe are not connected to the hoof. The heel is afforded greater movement in all directions, which increases durability of the bond between the upper and the front portion of the hoof.
The long-term effect of increased hoof flexion is a highly developed vascular system and a healthier hoof. This product is the easiest of our glue-on boots and shoes to apply, and stays on the better than any glue-on product.
The product has won several 50-mile distance races.

Trim Length to fit
Size 0 Width 104-107mm
       0.5  108-111mm
       1     112-115mm
       1.5  116-119mm
       2     120-123mm
       2.5  124-127mm
       3     128-131mm

Easycare Flip Flop Front Quarter

Easycare Flip Flop Front Quarter

Easycare Flip Flop bottom

Easycare Flip Flop bottom

When ordering multiple lightweight items contact me for possible shipping cost adjustment! If I can fit them in the same box I can discount through Paypal.


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