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3 available

Back Country Snug Straps 2016 SIZE ONE Easycare

Snug Straps for the 2016 model Back Country Boots, the black and tan ones.

Discontinued items.
FirstClass Mailing included

These are for Size 1 Boots


2 available

EasyBoot Bare Hoof Boot Replacement Bungee by EasyCare

Replacement Bungees for the EasyBoot Bare. I've also found that using a smaller bungee can help the boot fit better.

Price: $5.00  Sale Price: $1.00  You Save: $4.00 (80%)


1 available

Easyboot Quick Stud Application Tool

EasyCare Quick Stud Application Tool
The Quick Stud Tool is used in the process of installing the studs in the bottom of the boot. You will also need a variable speed drill and 3/16 inch drill bit for complete installation.
Sold as single unit.


2 available

Easyboot Quick Studs

Long lasting, Tungsten Carbide tip and core with hardened steel screw portion, one size. Quick and easy application process allows studs to be installed and removed with the boot on the hoof (see instructions in package). Also can be used with Urethane shoes.

Application tool (not included) needed for installation along with drill and 3/16" drill bit.
Sold in sets of sixteen (16)
Will have in stock next week (November 12th or so)


EasyCare Comfort Pads 6 mm current style

Adds comfort and support to booted horses. Increases sole support so all horses are encouraged to move correctly. Use in hoof boots to ease the transition from shod to barefoot or help with the treatment of laminitis, navicular, or other hoof ailments.
Fits all styles of EasyCare boots. stand horse on pad and trace around, cut to size. Sold in pairs.

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When ordering multiple lightweight items contact me for possible shipping cost adjustment! If I can fit them in the same box I can discount through Paypal.


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