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2 available

Cashel Bit Guards

Cashel rubber bit guards with hook and loop attachment.


Hackamore Nose Beta or BioThane with Padded backing

Padded with the same padding I use for Breastcollars. Buckle on strap made of 1/2 or 5/8 wide BioThane or Beta. The rope nose style Hackamore will only take the 1/2 width. Available in most color of BioThane or Beta. Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Buckles.
Length: Short: 7.5" padding about 9 3/4" end to end (buckled)
Average: (stock length) 8.5 pad, 10-11" end to end
Long: 9.5" pad 11-12 end to end
All made to order.


2 available

Multi Ring Hackamore Tough-1 Leather Nose

Flat stainless steel 5 1/2" cheek multi ring hackamore with a leather padded adjustable nose and leather curb strap. Multiple rings allow for various leverage settings.
Black Leather only. Leather parts can easily be replaced with Beta/BioThane.


6 available

S Hackamore Rope Nose

Comes with 5" stainless steel shanks and wax rope nose band.
Rope nose may be cut off and replaced with a Beta or BioThane noseband.


1 available

S Hackamore with Leather Noseband

Western Stainless Steel Leather Nose Little S Hackamore
Stainless Steel
Short "S" Cheek Leather Nose Hackamore with Curb Chain
Vegetable-Tanned Leather
6" Cheeks
PVC Covered Steel cable flip strap
S and Snap Hook Combination Chain

Stablegear Tack Will Be closed from 3-20-23 through April 5, 2023
I will not be taking orders or shipping during this time.

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